Thursday, January 15, 2009

Open Up!

From the kind of links that I keep sharing on this page, one could easily make out that I am a open source supporter. But why do I support open source? To sum up in Star Trek lingo - Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations.
While I was writing, I came across this really good article which reflects the advantages of open source (it significantly reduced the need for me to explain a few concepts here). As this article quotes Mahatma Gandhi's words "Means are more important than the end: it is only with the right means that the desired end will follow".
I absolutely agree with the open source philosophy, that the user should be in control of what he/she wants. Developer should make the software as modular as possible and release the code, so that the user can build upon it to suit his needs/preferences and in the process, create more scope for improvement. No body should be forced to use what developer deems fit. You would say that no casual user bothers about changing the software. But how many of us keep the default wallpaper that comes with our operating system (and given an option, we would like to customize every small detail of look'n'feel and behaviour of our favourite system). It is not about whether you care to modify, it is about your right to modify - your freedom to use it as you like. Open source provides me that freedom.

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